June 23, 2017

Beauty Standards Across Cultures

beauty standards across cultures podcast
Lake Sevan, Armenia, ~July 2015
Ahh, to be sitting down in utter quietness (and with good internet connection) and finally writing again. With the GRE behind me (I got the scores I wanted, yay!), I'm hoping to put more time into the blog, as well as in several other areas. I fell behind in my blogging, Instagramming, knitting, reading, and other hobbies, but ain't nothing that a summer in Armenia can't fix! You already know I'll be taking advantage of the cafe culture here 😂

Today, however, I wanted to shed light on a few topics that are close to my heart- cultural beauty standards, the thin ideal, media's effect on body image, and more.

As a female born and raised in the United States, I understand that the pervasive media images and pressures from social circles relating to obtaining the perfect body are constant. The Western "thin ideal," which is highly represented in the media, pertains to not only thinness, but also to having long, wavy, brunette hair, perfect skin, symmetrical features, perky breasts, tanned skin- the list goes on. Sounds pretty unobtainable, eh? So then why is the thin ideal elevated as essentially the only acceptable form of beauty? It makes sense as to why women and girls may struggle to be comfortable in their own skin if they don't resemble carbon copies of the airbrushed models that they constantly see in magazines, on social media, etc.

Anyway, I digress. As you can see, I'm very passionate about this topic (and plan to continue researching it in graduate school). My good friend Diba Mohtasham recently created a podcast called "Chai Talk," in which she discusses topics related to culture and society. Be sure to click on this link to listen to her podcast about beauty standards, with a guest appearance from me! The rest of her episodes can be found here, and are highly interesting as well so be sure to give them a listen. :) Now, enough rambling from little old me. If anything I mentioned above interests you, then please take a few moments out of your day to listen to the Beauty Standards episode (or any of Diba's other episodes!). Tip: your daily commute, going on a run, doing busywork, as well as cooking are all great times to fit in a podcast. If you do happen to tune in, I'd love hear your thoughts in the comments section of this post. Happy listening!

PS- It only makes sense for me to add that on my blog, you won't find any retouched or airbrushed images of myself or anyone else who might make an appearance. Ever. We try to keep things as real and authentic as possible here at Stitches and Things. :)

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