October 8, 2016

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On My Mind
Remember the Passion Planner I talked about last month? Well I finally got it and I don't know how I ever lived without it before! It allows for so much more freedom writing-wise than a traditional planner, and my favorite thing about it is how it helps with mindfulness. Every week, there's a little box to write down good things that happen to you throughout the week. Going from a glass half-empty to half-full mentality, one week at a time.

Okay, call me basic but I recently started reading Orange is The New Black and the book has been a fabulous read so far. Obviously I picked it up after watching the first few seasons on Netflix, so I had to see what the book is all about. I typically read the book first but I'll admit to having been impatient about starting the tv show... 😈

Don't you love when you hit up T.J. Maxx and they've just restocked with a bunch of cool stuff? It's usually a hit or miss, but when I went recently I was having trouble stopping myself from buying out the store (jk) (sorta). As seen on the insta, I got a gorgeous burgundy cotton turtleneck (this one's super similar), perfect for not-quite-winter-but-still-chilly-enough days. I've also loved pairing it with a bomber jacket!

Mail day is the best day, especially because with it came a bunch of goodies from Sephora this weekend! As a girl with practically non-existent eyebrows (but you wouldn't know since I always fill them in), it's hard to find something that does the job but still looks natural, and not painted on. I'm currently using this brow gel, which gives super natural and subtle color, but wanted something to sometimes add more dimension. This Tarte eyebrow pencil is so thin and looks so natural as well! Ugh forever impressed with Tarte, #sorrynotsorry for my bias.

Hmm.. I'm really quite content with my wardrobe at the moment since my fall clothes are probably the most curated. If I had to pick something though, it would definitely be these Cole Haan oxfords. I think oxfords are so timeless, and pair well with a variety of outfits/styles. Oxfords with menswear? Works (obviously). Oxfords with a flirty, floral dress? Also works.
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