August 5, 2016

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Starting off this post with some bluntness... I'm a little worried about my international flight this weekend, in light of what's been going on around the world in recent months. Prayers for a safe flight would mean more to me than you know. ❤️ On a lighter note, the collage above gives a couple sneak peaks of the places to which I'll be traveling! 

As I'm wrapping up "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trilogy series, I'm searching for my next book to read. Although not entirely decided yet, I'm thinking of re-reading "Jane Eyre" and then "Wide Sargosso Sea," which describes the lady in the attic in "Jane Eyre" (if you've read it then you know what I'm talking about 😉). I'm all over the place in terms of book genres, but if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

The menswear items in my wardrobe haven't been getting as much love this summer, mostly because many of the pieces I have are not suitable for hot weather. I only have one short sleeve button down, and the rest are long sleeve. Loafers are also sometimes way too toasty on DC's 95-degree, super humid days. Consequently, this summer I've been all about the basics + neutrals, and have been wearing some pretty uninspiring (but classic) jean-shorts-and-a-white-tee kind of outfits (as evidenced here).

I've been really into these minimalist hairclips, as evidenced by my Pinterest. Whenever I'm running errands or doing anything that requires the slightest concentration, I have a habit of clipping my hair out of my face and have used this type for most of my adult life. They're not very cute, but they do get the job done. I came across these gorgeous ones at Urban Outfitters (tortoiseshell and rose gold) and was planning on getting them soon, until I found something almost identical at CVS and obviously bit the bullet cause who doesn't love a steal 😅

My mind is on fall fashion, thanks to the Nordstrom Sale discounting all these gorgeous fall styles! I surprisingly don't own many cardigans (I have one merino wool one from Uniqlo and an open-front one from the recent Zara sale). I would loveeee a chunky grandpa cardi for the fall, paired with an edgy pair of booties and some distressed denim 👌🏼
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