August 29, 2016

Armenia Photo Diary

armenia photo diary
Hi guys! Today's post is a nice little summary of my recent trip to Armenia. I wanted to share so many more photos but didn't want this post to be unbearably long either, so if you'd like to see more let me know in the comments section and I'd be happy to make another post! Disclaimer: most of these photos were taken with my DSLR, but some were with my iPhone 5s. ;) So let's get right to it!

airport outfit for traveling to armenia
Le airplane outfit for 15+ hours of transit

eating khachapuri in armenia
Khachapuri, aka my one true love. It's a Georgian dish of freshly baked bread, cheese, and eggs that Armenians enjoy as well. I probably ate 6 or 7 of these throughout the trip!

eating basterma in armenia
Basterma- a cured beef with delicious seasonings πŸ˜‹

ceramic mosaic tile wall

khachkars in armenia
Khachkar, or Armenian cross stone. Armenians are famous for their hand-carved khachkars, which are usually placed in front of churches and can be found in other places throughout the country. Many of them are still standing (and are in superb condition nonetheless!), and can be over 1,000 years old!

minimal fashion outfit in armenia
Wore this out to my older cousin's birthday dinner! Check out the full blog post here. :)

drinking a cafe glace in a cafe in armenia
Drinking a cafe glacΓ© to cool off after exploring Vernissage, the local craft market

republic square in yerevan
Republic Square in downtown Yerevan

eating a beautiful and delicious salad at dolmama in yerevan
Delicious (and beautiful) salad at my uncle's restaurant, Dolmama

eating chi kufteh in dolmama in armenia
More food from Dolmama- this time, it's chi kufteh. Raw beef with bulgur and seasonings :)

side street at the bottom of cascade in yerevan
A charming side street at the bottom of Cascade

wallet watch coffee

lake sevan in armenia
The beautiful Lake Sevan

grand candy ponchik
Eating ponchik (a better version of American funnel cakes πŸ˜‰) at Grand Candy! It's essentially fried dough filled with sweet cream and topped with more powdered sugar than you could imagine 

areni winery wine tasting
On site of a 6,100 years old winery, discovered in a cave in the village of Areni in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia. Areni Winery is one of the oldest, if not the oldest known winery in the world. Cheers! πŸ˜œπŸ·

armenian coffee at areni winery
Having an Armenian coffee break at the winery before the wine tasting

tatev monastery
Tatev Monastery, dating back to the 9th century. It is located on the top of a mountain, and visitors can either brave the windy road to the top or take a cable car across gorges and canyons. The cable car ride was breathtaking! Fun fact: it is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world's longest reversible cableway.

mountainous views from tatev monastery
Taking in the beautiful mountainous views from Tatev Monastery

jermuk waterfall
The town of Jermuk in the Vayots Dzor region of Armenia is known for its hot springs and mineral water. Their water is bottled in the town, and is exported throughout the world. Pictured here is the Jermuk waterfall, with deliciously fresh and drinkable water!

geghard monastery mountainous views
View outside of Geghard Monastery

geghard monastery
Geghard Monastery is in the Kotayk region of Armenia, and "was founded in the 4th century by Saint Gregory the Illuminator at the site of a sacred spring inside a cave." Interestingly, to this day, a stream still flows through the inside of the monastery.

garni temple
Although a pagan site, Garni Temple is often visited during the same trip as visiting Geghard Monastery, as they are in close proximity to each other. Its columns are Greco Roman style, and the temple was built during the first century A.D.

outfit from above, wearing a romper and lo and sons handbag

brandy tasting at the ararat factory
Brandy tasting at the Ararat Brandy Factory in Yerevan

pakhlava ice cream
On the last day of the trip, I was finally able to try this much-praised pakhlava ice cream! It can be found at a cafe outside of Mirzoyan Library... you're welcome ;)

republic square abovyan street
Republic Square, along with the rest of Yerevan, has a booming nightlife. There is often a water show during which the fountains and music are synchronized.

Thank you so much for following along my trip to Armenia! Hopefully next summer I'll have the opportunity to add a new country to the list. :) Have you traveled anywhere this summer? Be it the a new country, the beach, or a stay-cation, anything counts!

Xo, Sophia
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