June 6, 2016

My Monthly Favorites

My Monthly Favorites

On My Mind
Keeping this part short and sweet cause you already read a little bit about it in this post, but tomorrow I leave for Jerusalem! I clearly won't have much of a chance to post on ze blog, but be sure to keep up on Instagram ;D (edited: here's my photo diary from my trip!)

I just finished reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and if I can be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. I initially heard many good things about the movie version, but of course being the nerd I am I had to read the book first. Here's to hoping the movie actually is excellent cause this budding psychologist is in need of something better after the book! I also just bought a Kindle as a little graduation gift for myself so I'm excited to be able to read on that during my flight. Up next: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series! Challenging myself to finish the entire series over the course of these next few flights ;)

I bought Birkenstock-like sandals the other day (as evidenced here) cause I guess I was really feelin' my tomboy side that day. Seriously s/o to Tj Maxx and Marshall's for letting me try out trends with a guilt-free price tag, cause I can't imagine dropping ~$100 on real Birks anytime soon. I also just picked up several pieces from the tailor, and was so impressed with the alterations. Although it was mostly the shortening of pants hems and tank top straps, I was particularly happy with how one of my previously huge jogger pants were slimmed really nicely in the legs. They still have their original shape, but now have a tasteful amount of looseness as opposed to their gargantuan shape pre-alterations. Yay for finding a tailor that can fulfill my petite needs!

In typical Sophia fashion, I cannot stick with one beauty product for very long (with the exception of my favorite day cream). I've tried a new night cream every time I've run out, and was previously using this one by Korres. I have sensitive skin, and that one burned almost every time I applied it, as it is only 93% natural. I know I sound like a total snob, but bear with me. Besides being into all natural products because they're just.. well.. better for you, I now also know that natural products feel better on my skin as well. Right now I'm using this Andalou cosmetics night cream and I have zero complaints, likely because of the ingredients and that it is marketed towards those with sensitive skin. #winning

Oxfords. Because having mandals (man sandals) and loafers are clearly not enough. I'm loving this pair from Nordstrom (aka bae ) cause it's a little more streamlined with the zipper as opposed to the typical laced-up look. I also love the "Nude Metallic" color, as it is definitely more interesting than the classic black or camel-colored oxfords. If only my sartorial wish list weren't so long!

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