June 30, 2016

July Fourth Outfit for the Color-Phobic

july fourth outfit for the color-phobic

july fourth outfit for the color-phobic

july fourth outfit for the color-phobic

july fourth outfit for the color-phobic

Alright guys, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: I've never not stained a pair of khakis. Yep, just hit ya with the double negative. I bought my first pair of khakis in January (a little late to the game but what's new..), and the very first day I got a grease stain on them after going out to dinner at a delicious Brazilian steakhouse, may I add. After trying all of my tried and true tricks of baby powder, flour, and grease-fighting dishsoap to no avail, I kind of had sartorial PTSD and stayed away from khakis until this week. My gorgeous Banana Republic khakis came in the mail, and I excitedly took these photos and wore this very outfit for dinner and drinks with a friend. When I came home, I noticed an 8-inch (no exaggeration) stain at the bottom of my pant leg. How could this be possible?! My legs were neatly tucked under the table all night! My friend suggested that oil may have seeped through the cracks in the wooden table... le sigh. Anyway, while I'm writing this post, my second pair of soiled khakis are in the wash. Am I truly that haunted by khakis that I should just give up on them?! The tomboy inside of me is telling me no.

If you've read this far, I congratulate you. If you skipped ahead to this paragraph, I also completely understand. I wanted to show y'all a low-key July Fourth outfit, so that you too can go to that backyard bbq without looking like a walking, talking, American flag! ;)

I love the combination of navy and burgundy- they're both such beautiful colors! The embellished belt and shoes elevate the outfit to make it slightly more festive, but these pieces are not that flashy as to look out-of-place at a casual party. However, if you're all for the bold and bright red, white, and blue outfit, more power to ya! I sometimes question why I have such an aversion to color, but personal style is ever-changing so I try not to overthink it. :)

What're your 4th of July plans this year?! I'll be at the beach with family and good friends. :) Have a wonderful holiday, all!

Xo, Sophia

Banana Republic tank (from underneath the shirt I linked, also in this post) / Banana Republic pants (RIP 😢) / Target sandals / Linea Pelle belt / Daniel Wellington watch / Gifted bracelet / Nordstrom sunnies (almost identicalsimilar) / Elliott Lucca bag (also here) (scored mine for $49 at my local T.J. Maxx!)


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