February 1, 2016

My Monthly Favorites

Bonjour friends! With a new year upon us, I decided to start doing a monthly post to share new clothing finds, current beauty favorites, what I'm reading, and other ever-changing preferences and favorites. :) I'll post at the beginning of each month, or the very end of a month, to reflect my thoughts about the month prior. If I left anything out that you're curious about, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section of this post!

On My Mind
With graduation coming up in a just a few months (seriously where did the time go?!), I have no idea where I'll be next summer in terms of a job, graduate school, place of living, etc. With all of this uncertainty, I'm surprisingly not too anxious. I'm just patiently waiting to see what will come next for me, and will welcome opportunities with open arms.
PS- This may be the first time I'll be semi-regularly sharing personal tidbits on the blog, eek!

This almost goes without saying, but the first blog I'd like to feature is Alterations Needed. I love the way Kelly puts together menswear-style pieces, yet balances them out with the addition of feminine pieces such as a chic bag or pair of heels. As a fellow shortie, I enjoy and benefit from reading her tips and tricks for petites as well!
On a more serious note, I've spent the last few weeks or so reading The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Although it is a heavy read, I have been enjoying this historically-based novel. The author describes how Armenian people of several villages joined together and resisted the deportations by the Turks during the Armenian genocide. 10/10, would recommend to a friend. Have any of you read it yet?

As I alluded in yesterday's post, I'm a sucker for all things warm. Having said that, I just received this Marmot coat in the mail and am happy as a clam. I only wish it could've arrived in time for my trip to New York this past weekend (darn you #winterstormjonas for slowing down deliveries!), but I can already tell I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this bad boy. Not only was it a recommendation from a friend, but even after the first day I could tell that the 700-fill down was no joke. Down and cashmere are this cold-blooded girl's best friends!

Another favorite that has stood the test of time is my Mac "Twig" lipstick. I love wearing it when I feel as if my outfit may be a little too menswear-y, so the lipstick is the perfect feminine finish. I'm definitely partial to mauve lip shades, as they seem to compliment my skin tone the best. Almost all of my makeup is natural/organic, but I just can't seem to find a suitable replacement for my Mac lipstick! I also only wear mascara + fill in my brows, so for me lipstick is a huge addition to my simple makeup look. :)

With Valentine's Day coming up (another personal tidbit- my boyfriend is visiting me and it'll be our first Valentine's together!), I've definitely found myself browsing more feminine silhouettes. As much as I love my menswear, I think I'm going to wear a feminine top or dress out to dinner. This one from Express has that menswear-y feel with the pinstripes, and could look great with burgundy or black pumps. I also like the slouchy look of this sweater, and envision wearing it with skinny jeans and heels as well.

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