December 15, 2015

White Tee Review: Topshop & Everlane

Happy Tuesday, all! We've made it through the dreaded Monday with many mugs of coffee clutched in our hands (or tea, if you're like me :) ). I'm finally done with finals week, and just finished all 13 of my Ph.D. program applications so today is definitely a day for celebrating :)

I haven't done a clothing review at all since my first one, so I thought I'd show you guys another one since you seemed to enjoy it last time. :) If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know I'm always on the hunt for high quality wardrobe staples, so I can get very picky when it comes to selecting and eventually keeping these pieces. That's why I ended up comparing two silk blouses in my last review, and this time I wanted a basic white tee without the price markup. Now, this is easier said than done, especially when you like to get jeans or shoes at higher quality retailers, but it just doesn't make sense to buy a $90 t-shirt from such places. 

Topshop tee (last year, almost identical) / Urban Outfitters jeans (old, similar) / Nordstrom flats

So this tee was already in my closet, but I wanted to compare it with the new Everlane one shown below. I'm not a fan of the rounded hem at the bottom, because of the way it looks when tucked in. Also, the crewneck does not have the elongating effects that a v-neck does for petites. The pocket and cuffed sleeves are an added bonus though!

Although I was a size XS in Everlane's silk blouse, I ended up going with a small for their cotton tee. The torso would've worked just fine in an XS but it was just stretching a tad bit too much across the chest. But ahh, what a difference a v-neck makes! Doesn't that little detail just add so much height for a petite woman like myself as compared to a crewneck? My only grievance is how thin the cotton is- it truly is "lightweight," as described on their website. I would almost say it's tissue-thin, and would be perfect for the summer. We don't get much use out of tees during winter in the DC area anyway, but during this seemingly warm winter we just might. ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Xo

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