March 10, 2015

What I've Learned

It's been about 2 months since I first started this blog, so I wanted to post a "checkpoint." I've discovered a few things about my personal style thanks to the blogging world, and wanted to share these discoveries. After all, the whole point of this blog is to shed light on my personal style. :)

Pre-Blanc Mode:

      • I was hardly ever seen without a statement necklace/earrings
      • Blazers were strictly for the workplace
      • Prints/patterns did not have a place in my closet, with the exception of mass amounts of floral
      • I was really into matchy-matchy style. Like, everything must be the same color- belt, bag, shoes, scarf
      • Infinity scarves were the only way to go
      • I shopped at inexpensive, low quality stores, and was quick to buy just about anything
      • I hopped onto a lot of trends, without considering whether I actually liked what I was buying. Example: my combat boots which are currently collecting dust in my closet
      • "But it's on must be a sign that I need it!"
      • If I found a high-end brand at a thrift shop, I'd buy it, usually semi-disgregarding it's appearance

...You get the point. I was basically, for lack of a better word, basic. And kind of foolish for not putting much thought into what I was buying.

Now, for some post-Blanc Mode discoveries *drumroll please!*

Well, I clearly tried my hand at casually wearing a blazer, and liked it! I even wore my previously deemed black "business casual" blazer to class. :) I'm also drifting away from statement jewelry and leaning more towards delicate pieces of  jewelry, as to let my outfits speak for themselves. This is where my obsession for Catbird comes into play. Of course, statement jewelry still has it's time and place.
Sophia, meet windowpane. Windowpane, meet Sophia. I have now found one of my new favorite (and non-floral!) patterns, thanks to Kelly at Alterations Needed!
Matchy-matchy style be gone! I love the way Jessi at The Darling Detail styled a striped shirt with leopard pumps. Now this is a look I'm willing to try.
Goodbye infinity scarves, and hello to unlimited styling options for a regular scarf. I may never go back to infinity scarves again!

In addition:
    • I now try to shop at better quality stores, and make more thoughtful purchases based on what's on my wish list. In terms of stores, I'm not talking about extraordinarily expensive designers. I just mean stores such as Banana Republic, Gap and Nordstrom.
    • So those combat boots that are now collecting dust in my closet? Never again. Trends are great, but as I'm learning what I like, I can confidently choose pieces which will (hopefully) last me season after season. 
    • "But it's on must be a sign that I need it!"  Must. Resist. Urge. Again, I'm trying to purchase items on my wish list. These are items that are timeless, and won't make me feel "blah" when I reach for them in my closet. My biggest sale-buy mistake was this cat printed shirt...I'll leave it at that.
    • Yes, owning designer pieces makes you feel like a diva. However, if I don't like it, I'm not getting it. Sorry, tempting thrift store finds. You ain't foolin' me this time around.

Now for the more ~surprising~ discoveries that aren't related to my pre-Blanc Mode days. I still don't know what to call my personal style, but I've found a couple of looks that would have been a shock to my system before. ;)

  1. I never thought I'd like midi skirts, let alone pleated midi skirts. At a petite 5'3, I didn't think I could get away with wearing them, but have recently been proven wrong by some fellow petite fashion bloggers (Hello FramboiseExtra PetiteAlterations Needed)

  2. Remember my aversion to most patterns? If you've been following my Instagram, you'd know that snakeskin is having a major moment with me. Plus windowpane. But mostly snakeskin. ;) I had to dedicate one of my "discoveries" to snakeskin cause I recently found myself lusting over this pattern for hours online! I also used to have a fear of anything animal print... and look at me now, loving on snakeskin and leopard in the same post.

  3. Last but not least, my most shocking discovery. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm loving menswear-inspired outfits. I'm talking oxford shirts (or button-down anything), oversized coats,  blazers, loose fits, collared necklines, and even suspenders. This doesn't mean I feel comfortable wearing most of these yet, but I'm happy to proclaim that I know what I love the most out of my recent discoveries. I also can't get enough of crop tops/bustiers layered over button down blouses!

I feel like a couple of my post-Blanc Mode changes are the more "grown-up" versions of my pre-Blanc Mode days. There was nothing wrong with my previous approach (well, except for impulse buying), but I just think some of these preferences are dependent on my personal age. Infinity scarves, overdosing on floral, and obsessing over brands were the Sophia of high school → early college. Button downs, snakeskin, midi skirts and blazers are more like the Sophia of today. And if any of my pre-Blanc Mode preferences are your thing, I am by no means bashing them. This blog is all about being true to oneself and feeling awesome when you look in the mirror after putting on an outfit.

Since I brought up my wish list so many times, I might as well mention what's on it. Right now it's short and sweet, just so I can acquire some of the basics needed to begin adding some menswear flair to my outfits. I don't want to get carried away though, since I'm still not entirely sure of what my personal style is. I'm just happy to have a baseline idea, if you will. :)

White button down / Black button down / White knit sweater / Striped tee / Leather jacket / Bralet / Leopard pumps / Leopard clutch 

Do you feel like you can sum up your personal style into one phrase or word? 

I'm not quite there yet, but this blogging experience has sure been enlightening.


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