March 5, 2015

Closet Revamp!

This is the moment we've all been waiting for! Okay mostly the moment I've been waiting for, but it sounds more exciting when I include all of you ;)

I've had the same closet configuration since, like, ever. I was a goof and totally forgot to take a before picture, so the only one I could salvage was a photo starring me... and my closet making a slight appearance in the background. 

My old closet was basically just a straight rod with shelving on top, and a massive wooden unit below it on which to store things. All of my hangers were also different colors, which totally killed me. Overall, it was slightly practical, but more than slightly horrifying to look at.


My little brother was having a Zen moment whilst painting.

But of course I had to mark this momentous event with a selfie!

Everything's organized by color- bliss for a organization-crazy person like me! :D

My layering tanks used to have their own hangers, but that was silly since I wear one almost every day! Now, my nicer tanks have hangers and the layering ones have their place on a belt organizer. I like this much better! 
I seriously cleaned through my closet. You guys should've seen the amount of silly trinkets/papers/memorabilia I had before!
My dresses have their own, taller rod on which to hang. In between both sides of my closet, there's this awkward space that is closed off...aka where my dresses are hanging.
The left side of my closet doesn't get as much lovin'. Yes, there's shoes and purses. But there's also my athletic clothes that aren't worn nearly as much as they should be! Plus I can't figure out a way to make the storage section at the top look  less ugly, but I might be too finicky at this point.
The part where I have the plant is where my dresses hang inside!
My closet's beautiful next-door neighbor. I have a thing with France.

I clearly have an attachment to the right side of my closet, since the left side barely got any photos. Plus, I just can't figure out a way to organize those darn purses in a cute way! If you have any ideas please share them. :)

It's not as dreamy as Pinterest closets can be, but it's functional, and way more organized than before. 

Oh, and with my $50 Amazon gift card, this entire revamp only cost me about $280.
This is a big deal because the Container Store custom closet organizer can cost upwards of $1,000.

Installation: free

What do you think of my closet revamp? What are your secrets for ideal closet organization?

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