February 2, 2015

(Mini) Fashion Haul // How I'm Purging My Closet

Good evening friends! And if it's not evening where you are, well... hiya :)

Within the past couple of months I've been proud of my shopping habits (with the exception of makeup splurges... more about that in a later post!). Clothing-wise, I only have allowed myself to purchase:

                    a) Basics (white tee, black long-sleeved shirt)
                    b) Classic pieces which will always be in style (chambray blouse, collared button-down)
                    c) Items on a physical list which I have compiled (& keep nearby when in the mall :P)

Sometimes, pieces can be from more than one of the above categories. A white tee is a basic, but has also remained a staple over the years, and therefore is a classic. The same can be said about a LBD- it's basic, but it has never been considered passé during the entirety of its existence. You get the picture.

With the above in mind, I recently have been purging my wardrobe to get rid of the "eh" items of clothing which hang there all year and are only lovingly worn once or twice. My little trick is hanging them up with the hanger facing you, and replacing the hanger the correct way once you wear them. That way, the clothes you quite literally never wear totally stand out cause their hangers aren't facing the right away! Donating clothes at the end of the season has never been easier, because I no longer have to attach sentimental value and silly reasoning to keep clothes I clearly have not worn (okay maybe I still get a little sentimental). At the beginning of the past few seasons, I've been starting this process over by turning the hangers the other way, and it seems to be working. 

How do you pare down your clothing selection?

Here are some of the clothes that have made their way into my closet over the past month or so. Although this is not a massive fashion haul, I'm still happy with each and every piece! It also feels good to know that these pieces have replaced clothes that I donated through my process of wardrobe purging. :) 

Note: Uniqlo has a line called "Heattech," which makes you feel warmer, as the name implies. Since I'm always freezing I couldn't resist picking up the above crewneck, and a tank top version as well! 

Ann Taylor chambray shirt in XXS petite
Piperlime Wells Grace plaid skirt in XS- sold out
Uniqlo Heattech crewneck in XS- no longer available in white, but get the other colors while they're hot (aka on sale!)
H&M blue striped cotton shirt in size 2
Zara turtleneck t-shirt in S (similarsimilar)
Banana Republic black vneck in XS (almost same)

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