January 9, 2015

The "Aha!" Moment

So, let's say that ever since my lightbulb moment, I was pretty quick to jump the gun and create this blog.

Rewind to about a week ago: Contently looking through the fashion blogs I follow, I realized there must be a reason why I scour through these women's blogs all day, right? Right. And during a typical, all-about-shopping phone conversation with my sister, the lightbulb moment happened without any effort on my part. I kind of just spit it out- "Jasmine (my sister), I've been thinking that I want to somehow document outfits that I'm inspired by, as well as my own outfits that I like, in order to figure out my personal style." Just like that. It took no brainstorming on my part, and after I said it, I realized that's all I was ever made to do! *Pause for dramatic moment.* Just kidding.

But honestly, it felt so right. I initially thought I'd make a fashion binder, but that seemed so wasteful of ink and paper. So out of this "aha!" moment, Blanc Mode was born and I am officially the proud mama of a 2-day old blog.

Blanc: adj. pure as the driven snow; a white background; 
a blank check; new beginnings; blank.

Mode: n. fashion or style in manners/dress; in relation to the 
fashion industry, fashion trade, or fashion magazines; 
prevailing style; way of life.

Thus Blanc Mode- a new beginning to fully unearth what my style is.

Like my own, personal, tabula-rasa of fashion.

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